You know you were a kid in the 1990's if...

All the things any 1990's kid would remember. Feel free to put things YOU remember from the 90's in my submission box.
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desperately-waiting-on-a-chance asked: Why dont you post a lot of stuff anymore?! This is like my favorite blog, and i remember basically everything! and i want to see more! I know its just ablog and you have a life too, so dont take this as a derogatory ask! but i miss posts from this blog popping up on my dash! and a lot of people probably unfollowed, but i wont! cause when you do post things, even though its rare, i get so excited! so please, post more! i lovelovelovelovelove your blog!<3

I will do my best to post more! It’s time to move back down to college so I have been swamped with packing / sorority stuff. I am doing my best, but I will be sure to try and post more as soon as I get the chance <3 Thanks for your support, though!! (:

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