You know you were a kid in the 1990's if...

All the things any 1990's kid would remember. Feel free to put things YOU remember from the 90's in my submission box.
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I am doing a give away (it’s jewelry) on my personal blog - would you all be interested? Should I reblog it to here? I don’t want to spam your dashboards… let me know (:

  1. kimmoexplainsitall said: well what is your personal?
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  3. pasdesolee said: please please please! i want to see!!!
  4. mjbforever said: You should put what ring size it is so that we will know if it will actually fit or not.
  5. hockeyskatesandhighheels said: reblog it pls
  6. littledebbie91 said: me me me :3 please?
  7. theheartofawildchild said: gahh I’d be interested. I’m in love with jewelery
  8. savvycaptain said: what kind?
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